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Luc & Annie to Japan, November 2008

A few interesting photos of the 3 week journey to Japan, during which Luc and Annie were together on just one evening, because they each had to do a separate tour with customers.

First the travelling

This is Tokio Some more sightseeing
Tokyo Tower, with a height of 333m (1092 ft)  
  The sky is the limit

Then eating

Japanese cuisine and the art of preparing food Is that chef Japanese, then ???
Warning !!! don't try this at home  
Just on one evening of the three weeks, we were able to meet!  

In between, attending an event, maybe bull fighting

Now and then, Japanese koi breeders also like to see something else than their koi. Then, they go and get their bull out.  
With plenty of security Two such lightweights, is that not asking for trouble, boys?
Ready? Go!
Just a quick check to see whether everything is still in good order Yes, they are doing well
You have the proud winners, showing off their animal and you have the losers of the day. Better luck next time, chaps
To Japanese koi breeders, this is a hobby. No blood is being shed. It is just the power of the strongest, pushing against each other. Bull fighting.

A fair share of Japanese gardens, scenes and temples are a must when travelling through Japan

Nice temples on the outside as well as on the inside
Big Japanese lanterns  
And some stunning Japanese gardens  
As a conclusion of this photo report, two pictures with Japanese Christmas decorations to get into the right atmosphere, at the end of the year

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