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17 December 2005

Paradise of Japanese Koi + Koi Ichi Ban = KoiXquisite

During the past few months, Michel Capot, the driving force behind Koi Ichi Ban and Luc Van Alboom from Paradise of Japanese Koi have been quite busy. In cooperation with various renowned breeders, a new project is being established... KoiXquisite!

Naturally, the name itself is a strong indication for the quality.
KoiXquisite stands for quality and originality, superiority and exclusivity!
KoiXquisite starts in the spring of 2006 and enables dealers in the Benelux and throughout Europe to import real top fish. People often ask us how, year after year, we keep on winning so many awards at Shows in Europe?”
Well, here is the answer to that question!
From now on, dealers who are interested in real good quality, the sort of quality that often remains hidden for average businesses, are able to join Luc and Michel on their hunts. However, KoiXquisite does not stand for quantity but for top quality!
Nishikigoi that you can show off at any show in Europe and Koi even capable of winning top titles in Japan itself.