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19 September 2004

Marc Brondel wins a ticket to travel to Japan, for the 2nd Toshio Sakai seminar

At the first Toshio Sakai seminar, in 2003, people were able to buy a tategoi, with the intention of entering a competition of which the first prize was a ticket to travel to Japan. At the second Toshio Sakai seminar, organised on the 19th of September 2004, the buyers brought along their photos of the the tategoi they bought in 2003. Masterly, Toshoi Sakai judged the photos and eventually selected the kohaku of Marc Brondel as the tategoi with the best evolution, granting Marc a ticket to travel to Japan.

On the photo, you can see Marc standing in the middle, next to Luc Van Alboom (from Paradise of Japanese Koi) and Toshio Sakai.

Marc, Luc en Toshio Sakai