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27 August 2001

Awards at the 9th Holland Koi Show

On the 24th, 25th and 26th of August 2001, we participated in the ‘Nederlandse Koi Dagen’ (Dutch Koi Days), also winning a few very nice prizes.
Namely the following prizes were won by us:

  • Adult Champion
  • Jumbo Champion
  • Showa Size 3 st price
  • Best in Size 3
  • Tancho Size 4 2nd price
  • Kinginrin B Size 3 st price
  • Hikarimujimono Size 4 st price
  • Utsurimono Size 6 1st price
  • Kawarimono Size 7 1st price
  • Asagi/Shusui Size 6 1st price

Our absolute champion, when it comes to winning prizes, is this Showa, who also won the first prize within its category of length, in Japan. At the show, we had a very good time with one of our breeders from Japan.