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1st Toshio Sakai seminar

On the 20th of September 2003, we organised a seminar at the Serwir hotel, in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. On the 21st of September, we made a coach trip and visited a number of unique koi ponds.

The seminar on the 20th of September
1 2
Toshio Sakai is explaining and illustrates by way of photos Michel Capot tells the participants to the seminar more on diseases in fish
3 4
Looking at, judging and purchasing nice tategoi from Toshio Sakai After the seminar, having a pleasant evening with the guests

Coach tour to visit various koi ponds on the 21st of September
6 7
A coach tour together with the guests and participants to visit various koi ponds Visiting the first koi pond
8 9
A next visit to a pond with the group A koi pond which is just as enchanting as a beautiful painting
A pond which is as blue as the sky  

At Paradise of Japanese Koi
11 12
Naturally, a group photo had to be shot of the visit to Paradise of Japanese Koi As well as looking at and judging the on-site collection of koi
And what about having a look at the collection of trained garden trees and trying to count them???  

City trip to Bruges
14 15
Strolling through Bruges together with the guests All that walking makes you tired, making it ‘easier’ to visit the marvellous buildings in the city of Bruges