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The dream of many koi enthusiasts is to have a beautiful pond, free of problems. The koi must be able to develop well and above all stay healthy. And naturally, the water has to be clear. To achieve that, an optimal adjustment between the pond and the filter installation is required. For that purpose, Paradise of Japanese Koi developed a unique pond concept, based on years of experience and far ahead of its time.
First, the desires of a customer are well assessed and mapped. Then, a concept drawing is created. Once the customer agrees with the design for the pond, the technical side is designed and the filter installation is calculated, based on the requirements of the customer. The filter installation is manufactured by us, according to the individual order. With reference to the construction of such professional ponds, the focus lies on easy maintenance. If desired, it is possible to build a pond partially or even completely inside a house. The base consists of concrete, while the finishing is made from high-grade polyester. Naturally, the customer is free to choose the edges of a pond. We also regularly construct impressive waterfalls and small water streams.
One of the specialisations of Paradise of Japanese Koi is the construction of characteristic Japanese gardens. In addition to the typical pond construction, we also provide the typical Japanese plants for the gardens, as desired by the customer, including a sprinkler installation. Nice shapes of trees, in various types and sizes, such as yew, holm oak (ilex), buxus, Japanese maple trees or other oriental trees will make your garden colourful; a fantastic setting for your pond. By way of enormous rocks, sometimes weighing up to several tons, typical granite Japanese lanterns, ornaments, arched bridges, little pagodas or little benches, we are able to give your garden a quite unique appearance. In addition, we also provide atmospheric lighting.

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